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Contractor Advisory Committee (CAC) Meetings Have Been Open to the Public

Next meeting is scheduled for February 18, 2019

Jurisdictions: J8A, J5A, J8B, J5B

As a result of Change Request (CR) 10901 , The Contractor Advisory Committee has been opened to the public.

WPS GHA hosts CAC meetings in both Jurisdictions J5 and J8 to provide an avenue for healthcare professionals to promote communication between the Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) and the healthcare community. The CAC is composed of physicians, beneficiary representatives, and representatives of medical organizations. WPS GHA establishes membership for the CAC for each state in each jurisdiction. During this process, WPS GHA tries to ensure that each specialty that serves on the CAC shall have at least one member and a designated alternate approved by the MAC.

The CAC members’ role is to improve the relations and communication between Medicare and the healthcare community. The CAC is advisory in nature and consults with the MAC, to review and discuss evidence utilized in developing Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs). The summary of recommendations from the CAC members regarding the policy will be included in the Final LCD. 

The MAC shall determine the frequency of the CAC meetings and shall base the meetings on the appropriateness and the volume of LCDs that require CAC consultation as part of the LCD process.

The CAC meetings are now open to the general public and/or interested parties may observe the CAC via teleconference. Interested parties are generally those who are affected by the proposed LCD including, but not limited to, physicians, providers, beneficiaries, caregivers, vendors, and manufacturers etc. The meetings will include attendance records and recordings which will be maintained on the WPS GHA website. 

WPS GHA requests a RSVP for attendance. Please RSVP no later than one day prior to the CAC meeting.

Please register at

The CAC Meetings will be held:

Date: 02/18/2019
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM ET 

Telephone Conference Call Number: (844) 253-2108

Conference ID: 8361719



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